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Event Floor Plan Software

The #1 Event Diagramming & Floor Plan Software. Create incredible floor plans for your events while saving time & increase revenue. Start producing table layouts using EventDraw!
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Event Floor Plan Software

Don’t undersell your venue. Clients realise they have been losing valuable business by previously underestimating their venue’s true capacity. Start using Table Layout Software in your venue.
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EventDraw is Event Diagramming Software for the Hospitality/Events industry which enables the user to create stunning event Floor Plans in just minutes. With our cloud based software, users can create accurate and streamlined event floor plan layouts like dinner dance, theatre, cabaret or cocktail in record time!

The global leader since 1998, to date we have in excess of 28,000 plans on file. 
So, for the Event Managers out there, our database of plans is essential.  Sign up for a free trial


Event diagramming software that allows you to create professional function and event floor plans for your clients. Learn to use Eventdraw in a matter of minutes…. its simple


We supply unlimited support and training. Why limit knowledge, we want our clients to utilise software to its full potential! Do not just become a number in the queue.

Outdoor Plans

The key to managing outdoor space is accurate plans. Your  templates will be set up with absolute accuracy. Smart shapes customised to represent your equipment. 

Event Managers

As an event organiser, you hold events in many different venues. You need the ability to create an event floor plan layout no matter which venue you are going to use. 

The Facts on Cloud Floor Plan Software

Don’t be fooled, some cloud providers of diagramming software lock in charges of $99.00 per month up to $399 per month and only allow 2-3 events per month with 2-3 users. Not to mention email only support, restrictions on seat attendees, restrictions on the number of plans you can create all the while you are being locked into their overpriced cloud contacts.

Event planners should not spend a tremendous amount of time drawing diagrams. Planners too often aren’t presenting clients with the professional quality function plans they know could help bring a vision to life and close a sale due to costs, difficult to use software & no support.  It’s time for Event Draw!

The Most Trusted Since 1998

Our software enables the user to create stunning 2D and 3D Event Floor Plans in just minutes. Due to our unique design clients are able to create accurate, streamline event floor plan layouts in record time!

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Professional event plans demonstrate to the client you’re better suited to handle their event over competitors.

Our software performance is second to none ensuring clients an incredible experience. We employ numerous innovative methods to ensure perfect and streamline software performance.
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Cloud Software – The Untold Story

Why be locked into the cloud and subject to endless price increases, we see this all too often. Great news, we offer cloud-based or the option to purchase the software outright. Our software has been pioneered to support the user…

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Leading Event Diagramming Software

We have in excess of 6,000 customised furniture shapes and
equipment. These are setup in 2D & 3D. No matter what piece of scaled equipment you need added to the floor plan software, just give us a call. Within hours, we will email you the equipment you require so you can continue with creating your custom event layout for your client. We also create to scale site maps for our clients which are a great asset for your website. (also visit www.cadplanners.com) At Event Draw, we are always updating and developing our software. We are very passionate about serving the Events Industry and are always looking for ways we can make your event planning easier.

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