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You are researching Event Floor Plan Software.
Please view our FAQ’s below with information that will help in your choice.


 Costs are easy, its simply based on the number of  templates you require. We’ll create an accurate, custom floor plan based on your CAD files, with sign-off from your team.
Quote Example:

1. Meeting Room A
2. Meeting Room B
4. Grand Ballroom

Looking at the above, we would supply a quote for a 3 plan package.  These plans will be ready with a few days. From there, you open the software and create unlimited function and event plans as you and your team require. 

Want to build your own venue or site plans in EventDraw, ask us for a quote. 


Each month we have a tremendous amount of feedback from prospects, many migrating from other floor plan software providers.

For example, some Event Floor Plan Software providers restrict the number of plans you can create each month. Why?

Other restrictions we’ve learnt:
1. A limit on the amount of PDF’s you create each month.
2. Some limit the number of guests you can allocate at 150-250.
3. Floor plans cannot be saved to your PC.
4. Some limit the number of users.
5. Many providers charge in excess of $199.00 USD PER MONTH but only 100 events per year.
We find this absurd!

Ease of Use

We guarantee EventDraw is the easiest to use floor plan software on the market.
Put this statement to the test, contact our team and ask for a link to use the software. Simply drag and drop the tables and chairs, dance floors, stages etc onto the scaled floor plan to create an accurate and professional event floor plan in 90 seconds!
Create your own custom shapes, save these as your favourites. Your plans will have layers showing location of AV, data, power outlets. All plans show dimension lines and cubic capacity of venue along with max capacity plans.


Support and training is unlimited…. thats a fact!

Our products continue to evolve via frequent and significant updates. If you’re after new features, ever-improving usability, and the latest innovations ensures you continue to receive all the latest software updates forever!. …….Peace of mind

If you would like access to our training video’s or would like a one on one training session with our support team this is included with EventDraw. Why limit knowledge?

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I limited on the number of plans I can create each month or year.

Absolutely not!
You are not limited on the number of plans you create each month or year.  Most venues and organisations create hundreds if not thousands of plans per year.  Think about it, image being restricted on such a fundmental requirement.

Do I need Microsoft Visio

Absolutely no need for Microsoft Visio anymore!

Our new cloud-based floor plan software application EventDraw revolutionises the cost and efficiency of our existing Visio development, used by thousands of clients in Australia and around the world. EventDraw does not require a single licence of Microsoft Visio.

For those that like reading and want to know the development of EventDraw:

Six and a half years in the making — our VisioGroup’s development team (www.visiogroup.com.au) designed software which takes the best of the Microsoft Visio based product the company has been refining since 1998 and puts it in the cloud, making it instantly accessible, more efficient, faster and more importantly, no need for Microsoft licencing cost. Any venue looking to adopt EventDraw receive unlimited users.
And that’s just the beginning, the software boasts a tremendous amount of features not available with Microsoft Visio. For our existing clients who used Visio files, well this works brilliantly with EventDraw, so existing floor plans are not redundant.

Contact the team for more info!

Are there limitations on the number of users?

EventDraw software is unlimited users. Why limit access to “easy to use software” because of restrictions and clauses. It makes no sense to us, this is why EventDraw, you have unlimited users within your company.

Active Events - How Many?

It’s a common question with our software. How many active events is allowed per month. This is up to you, why would we limit you on the number of events you create. We receive this questions because other providers have a tremendous amount of restrictions and limitations! 
Our clients love the freedom with EventDraw!


With EventDraw you are not connected to a database! Why is this important.
You can create a floor plan without being connected to the internet. With other providers every move of the mouse on your floor plan needs to be saved back to their servers. This drastically makes the system slow, cumbersome and annoying.
It’s why most providers supply very basic floor plans of your venue.  Ask us for sample plans v’s competitor sample plans. Take this further, why not zoom into the PDF or plan and see the difference in quality of the plan, the difference is like night and day. 

Am I restricted on the amount of PDF's I create or send?

We have this question asked often. If you would like to send many revisions of your event plans to clients then this is your choice. Nothing speaks professionalism than good communication with your client and how their event will look and feel. Not too mention, the setup crew can rely on accurate and up to date event plans for the function.

Seat Attendees - How Many?

Seat attendees is unlimited. There is no capping nor restrictions on the number of attendees for your floor plan and event. Seat attendees for your event would vary, so why would we limit this in your software…… The answer is we don’t!

Verified Floor Plans?

Our team will create an accurate, custom floor plan based on your CAD files of your venue, with confirmation sign-off from your team.
The fact is, Event floor plan software is useless without accurate plans of your venue. This is why since 1998, we supply the most accurate floor plan software on the planet!

Easy of Use?

Put EventDraw through a exhaustive test. EventDraw started out in 1998 from an event management company. Our software was created from passionate individuals working in the Hospitality and Events industry. Rather than have programmers design a software solution they think is required, EventDraw was built from knowledge within the industry and what Event Coordinator and Venue Managers need. The entire system was designed with a goal! Ease of Use
A fantastic event floor plan should be created, finished and emailed to a client within 90-120 seconds.  This is why EvenDraw is so easy to use, because it’s built with the event team as our sole focus.